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Our goal is to increase our clients’ revenue by developing a comprehensive strategic online marketing presence utilizing emerging technologies. Anyone can make a beautiful website, but does it function across all platforms? Can you see it on a mobile device? At IMC, we become your strategic online partner providing you with RESULTS!

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Whether it’s a website, a brochure, a public relations campaign or an ad… it needs to be handcrafted by a marketing team consisting of creative professionals, marketing minds, graphic designers and programmers.

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Graphtek Interactive and Image Marketing Concepts (IMC) Merge

Graphtek Interactive and Image Marketing Concepts (IMC), the Coachella Valley’s leading web development and marketing firms, are merging operations, announced Mike Cheley, CEO | creative director. The transaction will combine two of the largest web firms in the region into...


Clearing your Cache: How & Why

In order to speed up web browsing, browsers are designed to download web pages and then store them locally on your machine in an area called the “cache”. The next time you visit a website, your computer will draw from …

Image is everything for your business

First impressions count. Imagine approaching a website that gives the impression of amateur design, and lack of thought. The image that a website produces to a potential client can be likened to that of a store front for your business. …

Tips for Marketing Your Local Business

Creating a business in a climate of ever increasing competition takes careful planning. The marketing efforts of a business are essential and directly linked to its success. While a company may have the ability to provide first rate services to …

Holding the Internet in the Palm of Your Hand

What is WAP?

WAP is an acronym for Wireless Application Protocol. WAP allows cell phone users to access the internet directly on their mobile phone through their cell phone network. Using WAP, a person can do all of the following, …

Want to Rank Higher in the Search Engines?

Want to Rank Higher in the Search Engines? Image Marketing Concepts Can Help!

There are many tools available to help your website get listed higher in the search engines, getting you in front of more of your potential clients.


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