First impressions count. Imagine approaching a website that gives the impression of amateur design, and lack of thought. The image that a website produces to a potential client can be likened to that of a store front for your business. By considering those first impressions, and making your brand stand out as a flagship of quality, the likelihood of success is increased.

Taking a look at image, examples can be drawn from sites like This is a simple name that people associate with. In creating your own brand and image, the following considerations should be taken into account as essential to success.

Branding association
Branding competition
Umbrella branding
Premium branding

Branding association comes into play when you think of companies that have succeeded and whose names are synonymous with success. These names were not accidental names. Rather, they were the invention of companies that had the foresight to recognize easily remembered names that are associated with the products sold, coupled with logos that stand out as memorable. Choosing a brand name and logo that are memorable spell a recipe for success.

The element of brand competition should be taken into account, since a company needs an image that is original to them, and that beats the competition. Researching and the employment of an advertising agency for the creation of brand names and associated images reaps the reward of recognition and style that follows the company from conception to success.

The elements of umbrella branding and premium branding go hand in hand. By producing products that use a single name as an indicator of quality, a line of individual products can be considered to fall under the one umbrella of reputation. Here, taking examples from well known designers such as Nike who are indeed experts in their field, the range of goods sold under that trade-name are recognized worldwide.

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Branding your company.

Taking into account the market which is being targeted is essential in the production of a brand name and image. The name Wal-mart makes people think of products that are affordable. This is a good example of branding for the low end of the market. Establishing which end of the market your company is aiming for is thus essential as the brand name needs not only to be instantly recognizable, it also needs to produce an image that your company wishes to project to the buying public.

Originality of brand name and image

Originality of brand and image sets a company apart from its competitors in a given market. If the name is too complex, the psychological impact is that customers will choose those names more easily identifiable. Simple is effective and as Amazon has shown, produces an image of comfort that potential customers can identify, recognize and return to with confidence that the company will fulfill their needs. Those that succeed choose brand names and logos that are instantly associated with a shop front that offers undeniable temptation.