New concerns about privacy settings online arise after 100 million Facebook users are exposed

PALM DESERT, CA – July 29, 2010 – Facebook users had a rude awakening this week when 100 million accounts were tapped for personal information on Thursday.

“Facebook is like any other place on the internet,” says founder and President of Image Marketing Concepts, Kate Spates. You have to take responsibility for your privacy online. If you don’t adjust your privacy settings in your social media accounts it’s like putting personal information on a billboard. Anyone can see personal photos and places you frequent – or dig a little deeper and find your mobile phone number, date of birth and other personal information. This makes you vulnerable to spam and identity theft.”

That doesn’t mean that you have to stop using Facebook, Twitter or any other social media network to stay connected. “Take a few minutes to review your account settings,” advises Kate Spates. “With a few simple clicks your personal information is protected from a worldwide announcement.”